If you are a woman with recently diagnosed Type 2 diabetes and you want to lower your blood sugars without giving up your favorite foods… you are in the right place!


Are you feeling or experiencing any of the following?

  • You feel overwhelmed and confused with all the conflicting information about what to eat and what to do to lower your blood sugars
  • You feel alone – your friends and family don’t understand what you are going through… or even worse, they’re shaming/blaming you for developing diabetes
  • You’re scared to eat – because you don’t know what will cause high blood sugars
  • You’re afraid of developing serious diabetes complications – like amputations, blindness or kidney failure
  • You’re afraid that diabetes will ruin your enjoyment of life, both now and in the future


If this has you nodding your head yes to any or all of the above…you’re definitely in the right spot. 


Hi, I’m Linda 

It’s my goal to use my expertise to help you discover you how to lower your blood sugars without giving up the foods you love or following crazy diet restrictions. 



As a Registered Dietitian specializing in women and Type 2 diabetes, I want to help you cut through the confusing and conflicting diabetes information so you can get back to living your life!

Type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to take over your life – you can lower your blood sugars in a way that fits into your lifestyle and in a way that leaves you with peace of mind knowing that you will stay healthy so you can live out your dreams for the future. 


Why is helping women with Type 2 diabetes so imortant to me? 

Let me tell you my story and what inspired me to become a dietitian who works with women wtih Type 2 diabetes. 

My mom was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 9 or 10 years old. 

It was a scary time for me and my family. I remember feeling  worried about my mom.

I didn’t know a lot about diabetes, but my dad’s cousin had diabetes and she had gone blind. I thought that this would happen to mom and I also felt sad that she couldn’t have sweets anymore.

So there my mom was with three young kids to take care of and she was feeling the stress and overwhelm of her diabetes diagnosis. 

She decided that she was going to figure out how to lower her blood sugars so she could stay healthy to raise us without making radical changes to her lifestyle. 

And that started her on her journey that got her to she is today – still healthy and thriving at 78 years old.  My mom has lived a very healthy and happy life. She’s welcomed her grandchildren into the world and has watched them grow up.

My mom still enjoys traveling, eating out and even has the occasional sweet. She has never let her diabetes hold her back from anything she wanted to do. And she is still an avid gardener!


My mom and her youngest granddaughter (my niece)

I want that for you too. I want your life to be exactly what you want it to be and what you love. Diabetes shouldn’t get in the way of living the life you want.

This is what shaped my decision to help others and to become a dietitian. And that’s why I developed the ROCK YOUR DIABETES program.


When one of my recent clients joined my program, she was struggling with her recent diagnosis. 


She loved socializing and traveling with her husband and she thought it would be impossible to still enjoy the life she had been living.

For a while, she did her best, but eventually, she just gave up and started eating what she wanted…and her blood sugars and HAIC crept higher and higher.

When her doctor told her she needed lower her blood sugars or she was going to be facing serious complications, she knew that she needed to make some changes.

But she also knew that she needed to find a way to do it that actually felt sustainable and in a way that she could actually enjoy her life… so, she enrolled in my Rock Your Diabetes program 

In the Rock Your Diabetes Program, she learned how to plan her meals to include her favorite foods and how to start a regular walking program. 

She dramatically lowered both her blood sugars and her weight without giving up her favorite foods.  Her doctor even reduced the number of diabetes medications that she was taking! 

“I was overwhelmed and I didn’t know where to start. I learned how to make healthy choices and I never felt hungry or deprived. My HA1C went from 8.9 to 5.6 in just 3 months. I lost 35 lbs and my doctor even reduced my diabetes meds”

Now she’s back to enjoying social events and going on traveling adventures with her husband!

The truth is that you CAN lower your blood sugars while still enjoying your life and your favorite foods.

My clients are always excited to learn that they can take control of their diabetes and lower their blood sugars without needing to give up their favorite foods.


Do you want to know more about how you can eat your favorite foods (including carbs!) while lowering your blood sugars?


Click the link below to get your hands on my free guide The Diabetes Meal Planning Guide – the Getting Started Guide for Women with Type 2 Diabetes. 

So what do you say? 

Will you allow me the honour of teaching you how you can lower your blood sugars without giving up your favorite foods? 

All you need to do to get started is click the link below. 

It’s your first step and I’m excited to take this journey with you.